Fourth Smoldering arrow 2018

31 August-2 September

Reengarda welcomes all archers (and of course everyone else too) from near and far to Northern Nordmark to attend the Fourth Smoldering arrow. When the evenings are still warm and the forest is full of berries and mushrooms, we meet to test our skill with bow and arrow, but above all to spend time together and have fun. During four days there will be opportunities to practice with or without instructions from experienced shooters such as Grandmaster  Pól ó Briain and Grandmaster Jon Knutsson.  There will also be several competitions to participate in. We will be able to watch and practice with Emil Eriksson, world champion in horseback archery! There will also be a competition in the beautiful arts & science linked to archery, workshop, lecture and a fantastic banquet for the honor of the winners.

The event will be at Stortjärns camp, Östra Gärdsmark, about 1 swedish mile from Skellefteå towards Burträsk. The site is open from 16:00 on Thursday. The room has dormitories with sleeping space on the floor. There are also plenty of space for tents if anyone prefer that. There are showers. Alcohol is allowed.

Airport is 15 minutes from the site. Flights from Stockholm to Skellefteå depart with several departures daily. Flight time only 55 minutes. Contact the event steward in good time before the event if you need transport from the airport.

On Thursday there is evening snacks. On friday and saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dinner on Saturday is a banquet. On Sunday breakfast is served.

Cost & Registration
Site fee is 45 euro for adult SCA members and 55 euro for adult non-members. Children up to 7 years are free, but must be registered. Children from 8 years through 15 years pay 20 euro.

All meals from Thursday evening to Sunday breakfast including banquet are included in the fee.

Deadline for registration is 3 August.

Final payment date is August 15, delay fee 10 euro. Cancellation will be refunded until August 15th after that full payment is charged.

Registration with the form and payment is required for the registration to be valid. Sign up here!

Payment is made to Bank Account Swedbank 8420-2, 923 354 123-5, leave your name as a message and then send an email to and we will register the payment. You can also pay with swish to 1231249721. Foreign visitors may pay at the door.

Bows may be made of any suitable material, provided they are judged safe to shoot. No compound bows are allowed in competition. Adjustable or fixed sights are not allowed. No modern spring/flipper rests or plunger buttons are allowed. The use of simple rests is allowed, such as simple one-piece plastic or non-adjustable wire rests; feather, bristle, leather, etc. rests; built out shelves or rests. The use of the shelf in a cutout window is also allowed. No stabilizers, clickers, or modern string release devices are allowed. All strings shall be appropriate in length and strength for the bow type and weight. Linen, silk, artificial sinew, and any modern bowstring materials are acceptable. A nocking point may be attached to the string. It may be made of metal or tied on. A single nocking point is allowed. Peep sights or kisser buttons mounted on the string are not allowed. All shafts shall be of wood or of bamboo-like materials. Both self and footed shafts are permitted. Fletched arrows and bolts shall have feathers or other pre-17th century material. Plastic vanes are not allowed. Nocks for arrows, and caps, rings, or nocks for bolts may be of any material, provided they are securely attached. Checking of the equipment will take place on site.

One of the competitions will be reported as an official competition ie chance of ranking in the Drachenwald company of Archers.

The other competitions will be field, 3D, hunting and a team competition in archery kubb”. 

Marshal in Charge: Lady Eira Orre (Kristina Nordmark) 070-626 32 52, Read more about the rules on the Drachenwald website 

Art & Science
Honor and fame shall be sprinkled upon those who make beautiful, functional or otherwise timely correctness related to archery. Bring the crafts you are proud of and documentation about it. In addition to the honor, a prize will be awarded! All things will be in one and the same category. The visitors at the event vote for the winner.

Lecture of Grandmaster Pol Ó Briain
Bow dynamics – how do bows work. How does a recurve differ in function from a longbow, how does a flat bow differ from an English longbow, and how different materials affect the bow.

Workshop with Stjäle Nolastejjare
Make your own string. 

Event Steward
Fru Eira Orre, Kristina Nordmark (, + 4670-626 32 52
Själe Nolastejjare, Anders Eriksson
Food Steward
Indra Matsdotter, Martina Lindgren (

Thursday 30 Aug
16:00 The site opens
18:00 Evening meals are served
18:30 Weapons inspection
19:00 Workshop: Make your own string

Friday 31 Aug
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:30 Weapon inspection
9:30-10:30 Open range
10:30-12:00 Team Competition: Archery kubb . The team must consist of 3 participants. Registration at site.
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Competition 1 
15:15-16:30 Royal round
17:00-18:00 Dinner
19:30-20:00 Lecture: Bow dynamics

Saturday 1 Sep
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-10:15 Show: horseback archery and training horsebows with Emil Eriksson
10:30-12:00 Competition 2
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Competition 3
15:30-16:30 Arctrap
17:30 Banquet
During the banquet, A & S participants present their items
19:30 Winners of each competition are presented including the total winner

Sunday 2 sep
8:00 Breakfast
8:30-14:00 Cleaning and travel home

The event is organized in cooperation with Studiefrämjandet


Furstinna Agnes Odygd Aros, Nordmark
Grand Master Pól óBriain Glen Rathlin, Insulae Draconis
Grand Master Jon Knutsson Aarnimetsä
Pedher Mikaelsson Gotvik, Nordmark
Herr orm av Gyllengran Gyllengran, Nordmark
Magdalen Yrjänäntytär Aarnimetsä
Ragnhild Jagerhorn Frostheim, Nordmark
Fru Freydis Eriksdotter Frostheim, Nordmark
Eldor den talföre Frostheim, Nordmark
Magne av Frostheim Frostheim, Nordmark
Vallittu Aarnimetsä
Gilbert Blakthorn Kaarnemaa, Aarnimetsä
Anneke Alfintytär Lindu Humalasalo, Aarnimetsä
Saara Pöksyläinen Kaarnemaa, Aarnimetsä
Henriikkus Pöksyläinen Kaarnemaa, Aarnimetsä
Ingrid Hämeen keskiaikaseura, Aarnimetsä
Fru Kålug Reengarda, Nordmark
Petronilla Karlsdotter Reengarda, Nordmark
Eino Karjalainen Frostheim, Nordmark
Kareina Talventytär Frostheim, Nordmark
Alfarinn Frostheim, Nordmark
Hilde Reengarda, Nordmark
Brage Bågbrytare Reengarda, Nordmark
Eira Orre Reengarda, Nordmark
Själe Nolastejjare Gyllengran, Nordmark
Indra Matsdotter Reengarda, Nordmark
Sigvard Ölfúss Gyllengran, Nordmark
Fru Rana Reengarda, Nordmark
Daniel Reengarda, Nordmark
Jacquelyna de Bellmont Gyllengran, Nordmark
Alvar Framtung Reengarda, Nordmark
Valdemar Rødvilde Frostheim, Nordmark
Johan Knutsson Frostheim, Nordmark
Ena Iliansdotter Frostheim, Nordmark
Gro Thorleifsdotter Frostheim, Nordmark
Mira Uma, Nordmark
Herr Torulf Blotulfsson Reengarda, Nordmark
Lady Ermina Reengarda, Nordmark
Caspian Reengarda, Nordmark
Aurora Reengarda, Nordmark
Signhild Åsadotter Gyllengran, Nordmark
Mícheál of Dun in Mara Dun in Mara, Insulae Draconis
Thora Greylock Dun in Mara, Insulae Draconis
Constanze Reengarda, Nordmark
Barbara Reengarda, Nordmark
Louise Frostheim, Nordmark
Erik Sternschild Uma, Nordmark
Caroline av Gotvik Frostheim, Nordmark
Kjartan av Frostheim Frostheim, Nordmark
Nils Reengarda, Nordmark
Hersij Frostheim, Nordmark
Katarina Ingesdotter Reengarda, Nordmark

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